FACT: We all know people with disabilities (or differences) of various types. Many people today are on the Autism spectrum or have a mild cognitive, physical, or learning disability that’s hard to detect.  These differences can occur at conception or before birth, or perhaps result from an injury, accident or illness.  It’s important that we be patient and accepting with each other, taking time to understand each other’s limitations, strengths, and needs.

HOW TO SPREAD THE WORD: Through our actions and our beliefs.  Both are highly contagious.

COLLABORATION:  DIG’s philosophy is to work jointly with any organization, individual, or community which promotes social inclusion.  We are never in competition with like-minded organizations, and enjoy collaborating with all those who share our common goal.  For this reason, we encourage speakers from schools, local community programs, and other nonprofits.  We can also adapt our program model to accommodate existing inclusion practices.