Do they label you to be
On a spectrum you can’t see?

Do you steer a chair on wheels
Or read a book from how it feels?

Were you born with DNA
That went and took your words away?

Why would someone drop his jaw
For such a simple human flaw?

Do they sometimes point and stare
And seem to think you’re not aware?

Would you DIG a world where we
Could overlook a trisomy?

Do you watch the world go by
And wish it looked you in the eye?

Do you wonder what they’d do
If they lived just one day as you?

Maybe they would comprehend
And simply see you as a friend.

And then the world would come to see
We’re all the same, both you and me.

I would DIG a world like that.
A kind and peaceful habitat.

The scientists with great degrees
May find the cure for all disease.

The puzzle’s sacred missing piece,
Our search for it could one day cease.

But until we find the puzzle thief,
We gotta change our core belief.

We gotta DIG that we are one.
The spectrum shines on everyone.

That’s not a stranger running wild,
It’s someone’s precious friend, or child.

They are us and we are them,
The very people some condemn.

They’re hardly fragile, weak or slow,
With sacred wisdom some don’t know.

Look far beyond the surface flaws.
To comprehend the greater cause.

Forget the chair, the wheels and all.
We have a voice to make the call.

Let’s break the ice and raze the wall
And change the global protocol.

We’ll find our path to empathy.
We gotta DIG it, you and me