I pledge to open up my mind and take a step toward
Embracing those with special needs I may have once ignored.

I pledge to open up my ears so others can be heard,
Including those who use their voice without the spoken word.

I pledge to open up a door and let a person through,
Who might not walk or might not talk exactly as I do.

I pledge to make an effort to oppose what isn’t fair
And do away with ignorance, and make myself aware.

I pledge to share my wisdom with the people who I love,
And teach them to renounce their fears, and quickly rise above.

I pledge a disability will not make me retreat,
The notion of exclusion will be something obsolete.

I pledge to be more grateful for the easy life I live,
To recognize that what I have is what I’m meant to give.

I pledge that my abilities will help me pave the way
For a movement of inclusion that’s already underway!